Where to Get Free and Discounted Pie for National Pie Day 2020

Getting a deal on your favorite crumble- or ribbon-topped treat isn't some pie in the sky idea! The options are limitless when it comes to pie. With favorites like pumpkin, apple and pecan to more daring varieties like blueberry and key lime, the pie is both a holiday staple as well as a treat that...
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WATCH: Insane Footage from the 50th Annual Custard Pie Throwing Contest

Wow! This looks messy. The 50th Annual World Custard Pie Throwing Contest took place this weekend in Coxheath, England this weekend. Teams of four are required to use their left hands to throw the pies at their competitors. How much is a face shot worth? Apparently, that's worth 6 points! The...
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RECIPE: Strawberry Rhubarb Slab Pie

This pie isn't very different from a traditional strawberry rhubarb pie, but since we're using a baking sheet with raised edges, it's big enough to feed a huge crowd. Not to mention that this recipe uses fresh ingredients to create a perfect combination sweet and tart. Try making this for your next...
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