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Spiced Wine Is the Best Way to Unwind This Holiday Season

The Following Is Sponsored Content, Paid for by Williamsburg Winery Forget the nog and the hot toddies, if you really want a drink to cozy up with this holiday season, grab plenty of spiced wine. It is basically Christmas in a bottle. Mulled wine has been keeping thirsty revelers warm for...well,...
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What to Do During the Holidays in Hampton Roads

<p>Every year the holiday season brings dozens of festive events to the Seven Cities area. Bring the family out and enjoy these light shows, parades, concerts and more. Best of all, lots of them are free.</p><p><a href="">...
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Where to Go Sledding and Skating in Coastal Virginia

As winters go, Norfolk’s is pretty mild. Even though last winter was a big one, generally the area only averages about five inches of a snow a year and temperatures bottom out in the mid-30s. That means that sledding and skating opportunities can be sporadic. But there are a few places that you can...
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Best Day Ever: The Williamsburg Winery Lets You Pack a Whole Romantic Holiday Vacation into Just One Day

The Following Is Sponsored Content, Paid for By Williamsburg Winery The wine country of Commonwealth Virginia has flown under the radar, but not anymore. Virginia wines are being lauded alongside their competitors from California and France. But it’s not just the pinots and chardonnays that are...
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6 Hampton Roads Charity Events to Donate to This Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but they are also an important time to give back. This year, take the opportunity to give something, even if it’s just a little bit of your time, to one of these events that all benefit good causes in Hampton Roads. Thanksgiving Dinner with the Salvation...
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8 Tips to Keep You Calm and Happy During Holiday Travel

The holidays should be the happiest time of the year, and often they are, just not while you’re in route. Travel around Thanksgiving or Christmas can be head-throbbingly stressful. Just about every survey of travelers finds that the most stressful part of any travel, holiday or otherwise, is the...
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Christmas Dinner Recipes to Try With Winter’s Best Ingredients

By Noah Kaufman Usually, people get excited about seasonal ingredients during the warmer season, but winter in Southern Virginia offers its own set of produce at the peak of freshness. So head to one of your local farmers' markets and pick up some ingredients specific to the holiday season. All...
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Virginia Beer to Bring to Your Holiday Parties and Dinners

Because there are now over 6,300 breweries in the United States it’s easier than ever before to find good local beer. So when you head to a holiday party or family meal this year, don’t cart along the same tired old six-pack with you. Bring one of these local Virginia brews that are sure to impress...
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Where to Eat in Coastal Virginia on Christmas Day

Maybe the very thought of cooking a big meal on Christmas Day stresses you out. Maybe it has never been a part of your holiday traditions. Whatever the reason you might be looking for a place to eat on Dec. 25 might be, you may have a tough time finding a restaurant that isn’t closed. There are...
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Where to Party for New Year’s in Coastal Virginia

Norfolk knows how to throw a party for New Year’s Eve. Actually, it knows how to throw a lot of parties. If you haven’t already made your plans get tickets for one of these New Year’s events and party all night long. NYE Live It’s like Norfolk’s version of New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square except...
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