WATCH: Everything We Learned In Bed With Ed Sheeran

We have been having a lot of fun with Ed Sheeran lately, asking him some outrageous questions, playing a hilarious game of True or False, and so much more all while cozying up to the pop star.When we got “In Bed with Ed” last week, we got some real intimate secrets from the singer who makes ladies...
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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ed Sheeran Tells Us Why He Doesn't Even Get His Own Bed on the Road & More

We caught up with Ed Sheeran… in bed. No, really, Sheerios, it happened. We soaked up the secrets to what happens in Ed’s bed and even got advice on how Sheeran keeps it sexy. We were, however, a little surprised to learn that despite being a world-renowned pop superstar that Ed Sheeran doesn’t...
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