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VIRAL VIDEO: Not All Cats Hunt Mice

Not all cats are good hunters, and this viral video is a reminder of that. Most people, however, believe that if you have a mouse problem that getting a cat can help get rid of them. Personally, I am not afraid of mice. I may jump if one comes out and startles me. But I am the animal lover that...
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You Can Now Hire Adorable, Well-Dressed Llamas For Your Wedding

It's official: all weddings scheduled for 2017 must be moved to Portland (Oregon) or Vancouver (British Columbia). An animal therapy center, which is called Mtn. Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas , is offering a service that allows couples to rent a llama for their wedding. Yes, this is a real thing...
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Goat Yoga - The Fitness Latest Trend That's Too Adorable Not to Try

There have been a lot of interesting fitness trends lately. In fact, I recently attended a Craft Beer Yoga class. Come for the fitness, stay for the beer! Sure, why not? Goats are cute. Baby Goats are even cuter. I mean look at them in the video below. GOAT PARKOUR IS LIT----
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