Three Things We Just Learned About Cher From Her PEOPLE Interview

Cher has been iconic performer for decades, so we feel like we know EVERYTHING about the pop super star. It turns out there are still things that we didn’t know about her. Here are three things we just learned about the 71-year-old super star from the PEOPLE Magazine story: 1. She wears sweat and...
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'The Cher Show' Will Debut on Broadway Next Fall

Let's turn time ahead to the fall of 2018. Yes, " The Cher Show, " the musical based on the life and career of Cher will open on Broadway in the fall of 2018. Back in June, Cher confirmed that the show would hit Broadway at some point next year, but now it's official. The show will open at the Neil...
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WATCH: Cher's Trippy New Song For Kid's Show Is Too Good To Miss

Cher released a " trippy " new song this week. Yes, " Ooga Boo" is a song that you'll just have to listen to right now so you can believe it.
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'Cher: The Musical' Is Actually Happening In 2018

We don't want to turn back time, but we want to flash forward to 2018. Cher confirmed late Tuesday that a musical chronicling her life story will open on Broadway next year. The 71-year-old superstar shared the news on Twitter by saying that she had met with the show's writer and director about the...
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WATCH: Celine Dion Leads 'Cher Singalong' at The Billboard Music Awards

Celine Dion was totally a “fan girl” when Cher took to the stage at the Billboard Music Awards last night. In fact, Celine basically led a group singalong to the song “Believe” backstage. Yes, it was caught on camera. The backstage moment came just a short time after Celine performed "My Heart Will...
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