Devin Cat Furbaby Meet

It's time you met my furbaby - Nova

It's time to meet my furbaby
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My Summer Kick-Off

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Mine was GREAT until I almost BOILED MY FEET OFF IN THE SAND AT THE BEACH…….seriously, why is it SO HOT? I don’t ever remember the sand being so hot that you literally couldn’t walk on it. Even with sandals on, it felt like I was walking on LAVA. Yikes! And there...
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All About My Weight Loss

318lbs. WOW. It’s hard to even look at that number and know that at one point in my life, I weighed that much. I had honestly given up. I got to the point where I was fine with being overweight and unhappy the rest of my life. Food would be my best friend and as long as I had that, I was fine. Well...
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