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Hillary and Donald are Married!

My Son Is Married!

My son was married this summer! It's hard to believe and man, how time flies. It was a great day for one and all. I'm very proud of Donald III. The wedding was in Virginia Beach and everything went perfectly.
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Who is Your TV Dad??

If your life was a sitcom, who would be your TV Dad?
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Help With Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Florence has headed more towards the Carolinas. With the amount of potential damage it's important to lend a helping hand! Donate to the Red Cross now to help with hurricane relief! Virginia Residents, Be sure to Know Your Zone ! Click on your city below to find evacuation routes,...
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Don London catches the Solar Eclipse

Everyone is talking about the Solar Eclipse of 2017! Don London takes a second out of his workday to catch a glimpse of all the action!
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