Yesterday was National Ravioli Day! These are the Perfect Ravioli Recipes for Dinner Tonight

By: Joe Hyer

March 21, 2017

We are super upset that we missed National Ravioli Day yesterday. So we're celebrating a day late because deciding what to cook for dinner can be super tough. Eating the same thing every night is kind of boring, right? We totally get it!

Yes, that's right. Yesterday was the day we celebrated everyone's favorite cheesy pasta dish.

We were upset that we missed it so we compiled a list of tasty ravioli recipes. Your family will thank us for sharing these recipes. So we'll just say, "you're welcome."

Easy Ravioli Lasagne (via Tasty)
Baking ravioli in to a lasagne. This looks super tasty. Gosh, if you make this for dinner tonight, can you send us a slice of this? Yes, we're only kidding. 

Spinach and Artichoke Ravioli Bake (via the Cooking Jar and Tasty)
This one looks like it has a great flavor because of the artichokes, right? In fact, my stomach just growled thinking about this one. 

Easy Ravioli Lasagne (via TLC's Cake Boss)
Of course, there is a caveat with this one. It's a little more time-consuming because it involves homemade ravioli. We won't judge if you wind up using store bought ravioli's tonight because you weren't prepared for the holiday.

This is, however, an easy way to make homemade Italian ravioli (from scratch). No time for this tonight? Save this recipe for the weekend!

Yeah, National Ravioli Day looks awfully tasty!