World's Oldest Person, Last Known Person to Be Born in 1800s Dies

By: Debbins

April 17, 2017

Emma Morano was born on November 29th, 1899. She sadly just passed away at the age of 117 years old.

Emma's passing means that there is nobody alive today who was born in the 1800's. That's kind of mind-boggling, right? 

Morano, who lived in northern Italy, believed that she lived so long because she left her abusive husband. She also had a diet of raw eggs and cookies. That doesn't sound too good.

"For breakfast, I eat biscuits with milk or water. Then during the day, I eat two eggs — one raw and one cooked — just like the doctor recommended when I was 20 years old. For lunch, I'll eat pasta and minced meat then for dinner, I'll have just a glass of milk," Morano told an Italian newspaper in 2013

I'm on board for half of that diet, but personally, I prefer my eggs scrambled and ya know, cooked. So I guess I won't be living to 117. Maybe her longevity could be chalked up to her good genetics? Morano's sister lived to be 102. 

Side note: if you're 117, could you be considered a teenager again? That is just some food for thought.