WATCH: Florida Man Celebrates 90th Birthday By Doing 24 Pull-Ups at the Gym

By: Joe Hyer

March 2, 2017

Thinking about skipping your gym routine tonight? This 90-year-old man will make you think twice about that. 

Meet Vern from Florida. He just celebrated his 90th birthday, and according to a video his son posted on YouTube, Vern put us all to shame with his physical fitness. Vern marked his 90th birthday by doing 24 pull-ups at the gym.

His son wrote on YouTube that they go to the gym regularly, and Vern loves to do pull-ups when he is there. "I think he does pretty good considering he broke both elbows as a kid," his son wrote. 

We are VERY impressed, Vern. Happy Belated Birthday!

Meanwhile, I guess I'll have to actually go to the gym tonight after watching this video. I can't have any excuses.