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WATCH: Creepy Musical Instrument Made Out of 44 Furbies

By: Kelly Meyers

February 12, 2018

Remember that craze of the popular toy, Furby, back in 1998? Well, one YouTube user has found a way to use Furbies to make them... even creepier. 

What happens when you take 44 Furbies and make a musical instrument? The viral video below:

That organ is making my skin crawl. 

Furbies sort of remind me of Gremlins. When Furbies came out back in 1998 when I was 19. Yes, I wanted one at the time because they seemed so fascinating. 

My "cute" Furby began to creep me out pretty quickly because it would do things randomly like speak or move its eyes. 

The guy that built the Furby Organ has posted some cool stuff to his YouTube channel (Look Mum No Computer), but this Furby organ just isn't my thing.