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Trending: People Are Using Soda as a Tanning Oil?

By: Kelly Meyers

June 19, 2017

There's a new tanning trend that's gone viral and it may be just as ridiculous as the baby oil we used to use back in the day. What popular beverage are people using in place of regular tanning oil? 

Apparently, it is Coca-Cola. 

Wait, wouldn't it make your skin feel really sticky? Plus, won't the bugs love you? Oh, and, if you're laying on the beach wouldn't the sand stick to you? 

This just all around sounds like a terrible idea. So why are people putting Coca-Cola all over their bodies? 

Apparently, the caramel coloring in the soda gives you a nice bronzed look. It basically accelerates the tanning process for your body. 

Let's be clear: doctors are warning against doing this. They say it's super dangerous for your skin. In fact, the acid could increase your risk of getting a sunburn.