1THING: Sara Bareilles and The Lumineers Commit to National Bike Month

Join these artists in saving Mother Earth

May 8, 2019

“My wife likes to recycle…” “No, we’re talking about bikes!”

May is National Bike Month, and summer is quickly approaching to deliver the perfect weather for all our biking needs. From taking notes from The Lumineers and biking to work to joining Carrie Underwood in her snack-filled biking plans, we’re ready to lessen our carbon footprint by ditching the car. 

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“You know how they say you can’t forget how to ride a bike? Well I have. I’m a bad bike rider,” admits Lil Dicky

While the environmentally-friendly “Earth” artist may have to go back to step one of learning to ride before he can celebrate National Bike Month, Carrie UnderwoodLoCashSara BareillesThe Lumineers, and Jake Owen are all committing to the environment this May. 

Join some of our favorite artists in making your transportation more sustainable this month. Switching to bikes for short distances or even taking the daring plunge into biking to work is a small and enjoyable change that can have a huge impact. Along with having the entire month of May highlight the benefits of biking, Friday, May 17 is National Bike to Work Day. 

While we’re not sure these artists will be swapping their tour busses out for bikes, we are sure we’re joining them in pledging to help the planet.