The Three Most Popular (and Simple) Recipe Videos on the Web This Week

That cake looks SO good

March 6, 2017

Do you feel like you're always the last one to find that recipe video that everyone else is talking about? Don't worry! We've rounded up the most popular recipes from the web this week. These are the three recipes that ALL of your friends will be sharing on social media this week. 

Chicken Parm Strips (via Tasty Junior)
What is better than chicken and cheese with a little dipping sauce? Probably nothing. Plus, the fact that this recipe is simple enough that your kids can help makes it even better. This recipe, which comes to us from Tasty Junior, looks so good. Of course, maybe you can even cheat by adding more cheese. Yum!

Potato Gnocchi (via Tasty)
This one looks relatively easy too. The best part? The ingredient list is super simple so you probably don't have to stop at the grocery store to make this one. 

Pinata Cake (via Spoon University
Whoa. Why haven’t we thought about stuffing a cake that is covered in sprinkles with M&Ms and other tasty treats before? Seriously, though, why didn't we think of doing that before? This one looks is amazing.