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Texas Mother Asks to Reschedule Solar Eclipse for Her Kids

By: Kelly Meyers

August 14, 2017

We are one week away from the solar eclipse, and I am seeing more and more viewing parties popping up on Facebook.  Well, one of those invites has gone viral becuase a Texas mom didn't understand that we couldn't tell the universe to reschedule the universe. 

One Texas woman was concerned about the children being able to view it because kids would be back in school next week. So she took a Facebook event page to ask if the solar eclipse be postponed to the upcoming weekend. The Facebook event was being hosted by a local museum to celebrate the eclipse.

As you can imagine, her response triggered many hilarious responses:

One of our favorite responses to her comment said: "Any changes in eclipse dates must be done at least 90 days prior to event." 

If you go to the Facebook event page you can see some of the funny responses.

Clearly, this lady didn't take any science class in school because she clearly doesn't get how a Solar Eclipse works.