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Survey Says: Woman Find Dad Bods Sexier Than Muscles

By: Chris Debbins

June 14, 2017

Apparently, guys should just stop trying so hard to look good. 

A majority of women find "dad-bods" to be sexier than a man with a muscled body.

69% of women say find guys with dad-bods to be sexy, according to a new survey.

More surprisingly, a whopping 63% of women prefer guys with "dad-bod" over guys with insane muscles and a sculpted physique."

If you don't know what dad-bod is, it is essentially a body that is in good physical health but "might have a little extra padding." It is a look that says, "I'm not fat, but I enjoy good food and am totally down to spend all day watching Netflix with you." 

So if you're a guy, the next time you're considering skipping the gym - it's okay. It might actually be good for your love life.