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STUDY: That Hotel Hair Dryer Is Germier Than You Realized

By: Kelly Meyers

August 14, 2017

A new study from a microbiologist says that you should avoid using your hotel hairdryer. 

The microbiologist, Chuck Gerba, tested germs in hotel rooms with rates that ranged from $98 to $500 per night. The findings? Well, they were pretty disgusting:

Gerba found that a hotel hair dryer can be vernier than a hotel toilet. There aren’t too many laws on how often items like hair dryers have to be disinfected, but hotel chains suggest that the risk is relatively low.

I guess it makes sense. Lots of people use it and I think house cleaning just pick it up throw it back in the little bag it's stored in and put it in the bathroom. 

I never bring my hair dryer because I know the hotel will have one. After reading this new study on bacteria in hotel rooms, I think I'll be sure to bring my next trip.