Should Parents Demand to See Their Kid's College Grades?

By: Joe Hyer

April 20, 2017

Do you ask your college-aged kids about their grades? 

We came across a column that was posted on the Washington Post's website today that has us wondering about that very topic. The author's controversial opinion surely has the internet talking. 

Columnist Judy Mollen Walters says that she has met several moms who are "distraught" over their kid's grades at college. Parents tell her that worrying about those grades is a priority for them. Why? They believe that if they are paying for their child's education that they have a right to know how they're performing.

"They are threatening to force their children out of fraternities and sororities and demanding they no longer socialize as much or give up clubs and other activities," Mollen writes. Mollen, a mother of two, said that she actually begs those parents to reconsider.

Walters pays for her their kid's tuition, but she told their children that they should be concerned with their grades themselves. Despite being curious, Walters doesn't hunt them down to follow up on their academic performance. 

"Should I remove them from things they love to force them into good grades? I don’t think so," she writes. "It has to be on them. Eventually, the hard way or the easy way, they will learn that it is."

So, parents, what do you think? Do parents have a right to see their kids grades in college?