Should Instagram Put A Stop To Accounts Made For Pets?

By: Kelly Meyers

May 26, 2017

I know many people who have pets that have their own Instagram accounts. Some of those pets have their own Facebook pages too. Is that OK? 

I love my cats. I post a lot of videos of them on personal account. However, I have a hard enough time managing my personal accounts. So I wouldn’t have the time to post on the accounts that were made for my pets. 

Friends of mine have given their pets an Instagram account. So while I don't have time to create accounts for either of my cats, I can appreciate accounts created for people's beloved pets. This cat, Winston Smushface, has more than 20,000 followers: 

Movie marathon

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Well, PostGradProblems (a website) seems to think these pages are just another example of what's wrong with social media today

Do you agree? I say there’s plenty of bad news in this world so we should be watching as many cat videos as possible. In fact, hose videos boost our mood (and mental health), according to scientists. 

So if you have the time devout to creating an account for your adorable fur baby, do it! I say that the world needs more pictures of dogs and cats to help us stay happy.