Scientists: 'Double Dipping' Is Even More Disgusting Than You Thought It Was

By: Kelly Meyers

February 14, 2018

Sharing dinner with your sweetie tonight? You may think twice about double dipping if you find yourself sharing some salsa tonight. 

Science is proving to us just how nasty the act of double dipping can be, and yes, it is actually WROSE worse than we previously thought it was! It's not just bad manners, according to new research done at Clemson University.

They "found that that second, contaminated dip leads to hundreds of times more bacteria staying in the bowl than on the first dip in chocolate and cheese sauces."

And salsa apparently is the worse culprit for germ-infested nastiness. "Salsa was five times more susceptible to bacteria than chocolate or cheese sauces."

Anyone else horrified by this? I don't think I will ever look at a bowl the same way ever again.

Of course, with the flu being so bad this year, we really need to be careful about not being that person that becomes a double dipper.