Safest Mother's Day Gifts

By: Corie Odden

May 11, 2017

Every year you fret over what to get Mom for Mother's Day... something that's thoughtful and not the same ol' gift you got last year, and the year before! Well, a new study revealed a list of gifts that Mom really wants. You may be surprised to learn that maybe Mom does want the same ol' thing after all... 

1) Flowers - Classic gift! Just make sure you know what kind she likes or in some cases, doesn't like! 

2) Dinner - Dinner out OR if you're a good cook, make her dinner!

3) A Gift Card - This is one that we kinda disagreed with... a gift card is so impersonal but maybe a Gift Certificate for a spa treatment would be cool!

4) Jewelry - Maybe this one is ok if you know a specific type of jewelry that she likes. Jewelry seems more romantic... it's your mother, not your wife!

5) Beauty Products - This was just a hard NO in our opinion! Skin care, hair care... it's all so specific! If you want to go this route, go with the spa package or maybe a facial!

But, when you boil it all down, you can never go wrong with an old fashioned home made card! Or.... a NAP and a bottle of her fav WINE!

Good luck and Happy Mother's Day!