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POLL: Do You Have More Photos Of Your Dog Or Spouse Stored on Your Phone?

By: Kelly Meyers

April 3, 2018

The love and bond we have with our pets seem stronger than ever. Many studies have been done that just further prove that sometimes we tend to care for and love our pets more than our significant other, partners, and even spouse. Ouch.

And now a new study from Rover.com further proves that we seem to care more about our dogs than out spouse. Grab your cell phone and take a look at your camera roll. Do you have more photos of your spouse or your dog?

If you are seeing more photos of your dog, you aren't alone. 

Yes, 65% of dog owners admit they have taken more photos of their dog than they have taken of their spouse. I get it!

Is this true for you? Take our poll:

Dogs are adorable and they tend to get a lot of likes on social media. But this study doesn't end with just photos.

Yeah, 50% of the people polled also admitted that they have a harder time leaving their canine friend for a weeklong vacation than their lover! Eek! 

Oh and one last stat that proves we may love our dogs the most: 56% of people said they greet their dogs before anyone else when they get home.