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PHOTOS: Divorce Selfies Are Now Actually a Real Thing

By: Kelly Meyers

June 5, 2017

There are an increasing number of ways to celebrate divorces. There are divorce cakes, divorce parties, and "divorce-moons" happening. Yes, people are finding all kinds of ways to celebrate their official split. 

So "the latest trend in divorce" is actually a #divorceselfie. Yep, it's all about snapping a selfie with your ex after your divorce is finalized at the courthouse. 

this is what it looks like when your an adult ---- #guesswhosdivorced #divorceselfie #zoeovereverything #happymonday

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Most couples who have posted the photos say that they're the photo to celebrate the time they did have together, and they say that it serves a reminder to move forward in life.

Today Cory and I did the final paperwork for our divorce after 3 years together and eight months married. We really believed we could overcome our problems and we did our best but things didn't get better. In the past three years we have had so many adventures and shared so much. That is why we are doing this now, while we still have a chance of being friends. Cory is off to Vietnam on June 10th so be sure to follow his adventures @feedthecory. #divorceselfie #foreverfriends #newstart

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By the way, they're more common than you think. A search on Instagram using the hashtag #divorceselfie resulted in well over 500 photos of couples celebrating their divorce. 

D'day was classy. It was full of hugs, giggles and high fives. I'm so lucky to call this guy my best friend. He deserves nothing but the world. Cheers, Matty. -- Oh! And then we met Bill Murray. #divorceselfie #billmurray #charleston #newbeginnings

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