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Pets and the Eclipse: Keeping Them Safe

By: Kelly Meyers

August 18, 2017

You're probably ready for the eclipse, right? You may have purchased your solar eclipse glasses. You may have planned a party for the eclipse. But there is something you may not even be thinking about when it comes to preparing for Monday, and that is the safety of your pets.

If you have a dog and have them outside during the eclipse, you should just make sure they aren't looking directly at the sun. The good news is that cats and dogs do not inherently look directly at the sun. It hurts their eyes just like it does to us. 


But there are other ways your pets may be impacted. If the sky darkens signficantly during totality, it's likely that your pet may sense what is happening. It could confuse them too when the temperature drops, according to professors at Villanova University.

The other concern is that people get excited when viewing the eclipse and sometimes scream and get excited. This obviously could spook your pets. So keep a close on your cat or dog on Monday, but they should be OK.