MUST WATCH: Latest Hair Cutting Trend Involves an Axe

By: Kelly Meyers

February 21, 2018

We do some crazy things all in the name of looking good and trendy. Women especially put themselves through some insane rituals to be hair-free, have smaller waists, or have incredible hair. 

This latest trend may be one of the scariest trends that I have seen. In fact, one wrong swing with this trend can mean that a person is severely maimed or even killed.  Russian stylist Daniil Istomin is getting all the attention for his hair cutting method that uses an axe. Yes, an actual axe is used to cut your hair.

Well, 75 million people have already viewed this video. You can totally see why, I am sure. 

Would you trust your favorite stylist (or this guy) to cut your hair with an axe?

I'll pass on that, and I will stick with the more traditional scissor cut.