Marrying Yourself is the Latest Trend in Weddings

By: Kelly Meyers

May 16, 2017

Yes, the newest marriage trend is sologamy

There's monogamy, which is when two people are married. Then there is polygamy, which is when you're married to multiple people. 

So have you heard of "sologamy?" Do you have any guesses what it is?

Sologamy is when someone decides to marry themselves. I know I always see people posting on their social media accounts about how they do not need anyone else to make them happy. So I guess the idea of marrying yourself just further proves some people only need themselves. 

The idea of marrying yourself was explored on the HBO series Sex and the City many years ago, In fact, the idea has only grown in popularity recently. So now there are companies that specialize in helping you to plan the wedding of your dreams. You know that moment when you walk down the aisle... to yourself. 

There's a website called IMarriedMe.com that will help you plan out all the details including the vows you read to yourself. Plus, you can even order a kit to marry yourself right on their website. 

I guess that if you've been unlucky in love that you can always go the route of marrying yourself. Here's how one woman celebrated her sologamist wedding: