LOOK: We Are Obsessed With This 5-Month-Old Boy's Hair [PHOTOS INSIDE]

By: Joe Hyer

March 3, 2017

Wow. Talk about a great head of hair, and yes, this kid is only 5 months old.

This is Oliver Dunn of Nampa, Idaho, and he may have the best head of hair that we've seen in a LONG time.

His mom, Angie Dunn, says that she and her husband actually noticed noticed Oliver's impressive locks before he was even born. "We could even see the hair in the ultrasounds. We knew he had hair at the base of his neck and weren’t sure if he’d have a mullet," she told ABC News

The hair is actually comforting for Oliver, apparently. "How he soothes himself is to rub his hair. Even when we were in the hospital he hated to be swaddled because he loved to touch his hair," she shares. 

What's the trick for making sure his hair looks so good? The answer will annoy you if you spend a lot of time styling your hair each day. Oliver's mom says they wash the hair every other day, but she told reporters that she never actually styles it. We are definitely jealous.