Wackiest Pet Names of 2020

December 21, 2020
kat simons

"Whether you’re a dog or cat person, picking the right name for your pet can be as serious as picking the right name for your child, and there are certainly some people out there who like to get creative. 

Nationwide Insurance, which provides pet health insurance, analyzed their records to come up with their annual list of the wackiest pet names and some of them are downright brilliant, although we feel a little bad for the animals.

Coming in at number one for dogs is Scarlett No Haira, given to a Chinese Crested dog, followed by Anakin Tailwagger and Andre Igoudogla.

When it comes to cats, the wackiest name goes to a black cat named Edgar Allen Paw, followed by Admiral Turbo Meowington and Captain Sushi.

Top Ten Wackiest Dog Names

Scarlett No Haira

Anakin Tailwagger

Andre Igoudogla

Joan of Bark

Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface

Stella Barktois

Sugar Bubbles Fancypants

The Other Dude

Trillium Points Jacobs Ladder

Zoe Max Berger Sacks 

Top Ten Wackiest Cat Names

Edgar Allen Paw 

Admiral Turbo Meowington

Captain Sushi


Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst

Fernsbane the Inquisitive

Macaroni Bob

Mingus Pookiebutts

Neville Furbottom

Tika Meowsala 

Source: Nationwide Insurance"