Virtual Benefit for Freedom 2020 Vision

May 29, 2020
kat simons

"It can be both infuriating and paralyzing to learn of the overwhelming number of people currently being sold as victims of human trafficking, and that traffickers are targeting vulnerable youth online during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may wonder, "Where do I fit in the efforts to put an end to human trafficking, especially in these unprecedented times?"

The reality of human trafficking is a sobering one that our team at RJI has faced every day since our founding in 2009. We began in Richmond, VA with the mission to educate, prevent and end human trafficking, a mission which has now grown to a national level. We too were frustrated that human trafficking was happening. We decided that something must be done. 

In partnership with survivors of child sex trafficking, teachers, law enforcement, counselors and other subject matter experts, we developed our Prevention Project™ curriculum for middle and high school teens. This award-winning human trafficking prevention education exponentially grew to reach nearly 30,000 at-risk youth in 13 states to date because of supporters like you who believed with us that human trafficking can be prevented. 

Would you please join us in changing the tides of human trafficking by taking part in our Virtual Benefit for Freedom experience? We need your support more than ever today as we face new challenges in educating vulnerable youth to protect themselves from traffickers. 

We continue to be deeply committed to our work of preventing the most vulnerable in communities across the nation from the ploys of traffickers, but we need your help to make this possible! Please join us for this virtual experience and give generously to prevent and end human trafficking. 

Please RSVP today to receive reminders and instructions to join as this virtual experience kicks of at 6pm EST on May 28th on our Facebook page or right here on this website."