Rockefeller the Christmas Owl

December 17, 2020
kat simons

The sweet owl that was found in the Rockefeller Christmas tree has flown onto the pages of a children’s book. Scranton, PA native and author T. Troy Kolo has written “Rockefeller The Christmas Owl.” The book follows the bird from the tree to adventures around New York City, and even meeting Santa.

Of course, the real owl saw-whet owl was rescued from the tree and released in the area where to spruce was cut down in hopes of reuniting it with its family. The book follows a similar path, as Rockefeller is finally back with his family.

The new author says he was following the owl’s story and inspiration hit. He shares he immediately thought “Boy, gee, there is a story there that practically writes itself.” It was written in just a few days.

Kolo hopes to get the book turned into a Christmas special, but until then, it’s available to buy.
Source: New York Post