Meteor Shower in Fast Motion

December 21, 2020
kat simons

"Look at all those meteors!!!

Actually those are mostly airplanes and some satellites... sorry... :P
Oh! But you can see frost start covering the lense near the end. That's kind of cool. :D
I did count five meteors when going through the images to make this sequence. If you look closely you can see them.

This was an amazing (and COLD) experience. The time lapse covers about a 2 hour window of time. Somehow I managed to not move the camera from this one spot for that long.

I read the first chapter of Luke while out there. Nothing like reading a portion of the Christmas story while under the stars, in the snow,... in the car with the heater blasting... ahem...

If there was ever a year that gave me just a taste of the desperate condition of humanity and our need for a savior to come and restore all things, it is 2020."

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