Mariah Carey Posts Cryptic Message on Instagram

"#MC30 Every Friday" But what does it mean?!

July 20, 2020
kat simons

"#MC30 Every Friday" But what does it mean?!

Calling all Lambs! Mariah Carey has posted a very peculiar message titled, "#MC30 Every Friday", but what does it mean?

-- -------- -- Every Friday -- #MC30 --❤️

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Mariah Carey recently teased a celebration of the 30th anniversary of her debut album, with the tag, “MC30...Every Friday” and now we know what she meant.

The singer announced she’ll be honoring the momentous occasion with some throwback live performances. She told fans to check back “every Friday for a fun #MC30 surprise... some remixes, some live performances, some b-sides and many more... all of them rarities, dahhling.”

She kicked things off with one of her first live performances at Club Tatou in New York City, noting, "Disclaimer: the olive green crushed velvet ensemble was not my choice!.”