Julie Dao Interview

For her new book, Broken Wish!

October 8, 2020
kat simons

For her new book, Broken Wish!

This is a cool 4-book fairy tale series, written by four different authors, following one family over several generations, and the curse that plagues it.   Broken Wish by Julie Dao is the first book of the series called The Mirror. The series has received a lot of press, check out  Entertainment WeeklyMediumVocalGoodreads.  Here’s Julie talking about her book in Publishers Weekly:


“Fairy tales were literally the foundation of how I started writing my first full-length novel at the age of eight. So, it felt like coming full circle when Disney asked me to write the first book in this series…. Hanau, Germany is the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm…. My book takes place during a time when rural villages clung to superstition and prejudice, and that gave me an excellent springboard about a woman who has never quite fit in and longs for love and friendship.”


Broken Wish is the perfect dark Disney fairytale.” – The Disney Blog