Beets - Norfolk Animal Care & Adoption Center

July 17, 2020
kat simons

"Beets has the sweetest kitten face and wants your pets! Her purr-box starts motoring at that first head scratch. She can’t wait to curl up in a warm lap for a nap while also receiving a belly rub. Belly rubs are NOT optional. Her sister and brother have already been adopted, but luckily her foster family includes 5 adult felines that love to show Beets how to be a cat. Her favorite toy is a small, balled up piece of paper. She cannot wait to find her new, wonderful owner. It’s probably you so why are still reading this? You need to call Norfolk Animal Care Center right now and ask to adopt Beets!"

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Also, the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center has an announcement as well!

"The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center announced on Wednesday it has implemented a new program to improve how it takes in animals to better serve the community’s needs.

The new program is called “Coordinated Entry,” as it will provide additional support and resources, including a resource guide to help pet owners who need assistance."

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