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Reusable Bags!

July 8, 2019

Reusable Bags

Everyone knows about how great and environmentally friendly reusable bags are. But did you know there are a lot of other beneficial reasons why you should use them? The first obvious reason is that they help reduce our use of plastic bags every time we get groceries or go to a store, etc. Another reason is how durable they are for you when for example, you have a ton of heavy items at the grocery store to carry, these bags won’t rip or tear as the plastic ones do. One of other favorite reasons why I use them is how big they are! I can go to Food Lion, Target, etc. and have a cart full of items but only have to use maybe three of four reusable bags. If I used the plastic ones that the store carries, then I’d end up carrying 10 or more! Some people say It’s a great workout to carry that many bags but I’d rather have 3 sturdy ones instead ;) The last on my list of reasons why I think reusable bags are so great is because it benefits my wallet. Yep! You can actually SAVE MONEY when using reusable bags. Some stores like Target and Whole Foods give you discounts for each bag you use. Target gives me 5 cents off each bag which I love! 5 cents may not sound like a whole lot but it definitely adds up when you’re using 3 or more when checking out. If you’re wondering where you can get some of these glorious bags at then keep reading. I have gotten some at either grocery store grand openings, 5k races I have done, or just simply near the checkout aisle at a lot of places like TJ Maxx, Food Lion, Target, and Michael’s. Plus they are super cheap!