WATCH: Homeless Samaritan to House, Truck & Trust Fund Thanks to Grateful Woman

November 29, 2017

© Photowitch | Dreamstime

This story inspired us all to do a little good this holiday season because it's heartwarming in so many ways.

A New Jersey woman ran out of gas while driving to Philadelphia. Knowing she was quite upset, a homeless man came to her rescue with a can filled with gas. That man actually spent his last $20 on that tank of gas for the woman.

That woman, Kate McClure, 27, says that the homeless man, Johnny Bobbitt Jr., did not ask for a dollar in return. Kate did not have any cash on her at the time, so she wasn't able to pay him back at the time.

Kate has since stopped by with some cash and winter clothes on a few occasions, but her response has not stopped there. 

Earlier this month, McClure started a GoFundMe fundraising effort to help the selfless man. 

Well, it's worked. McClure's GoFundMe page has raised nearly $400,000 in just a few days. The money will be split up between expenses like a mortgage and a car. Plus, McClure says the funds will be placed in trust funds to make sure Bobbitt Jr. has an income and retirement plan.

This will help them pay it forward too. Johnny has said he will get a job, and he plans to share the windfall with local charity organizations. 

Yeah, we're feeling all warm and fuzzy now for the holidays.