WATCH: Details Emerging on Why Kermit Actor Was Replaced

July 19, 2017


Things just got ugly in this breakup between the world's most famous frog and Disney. 

We learned last week that Steve Whitmire was being replaced as the voice of Kermit the Frog. Whitmire had held that position for 27 years. In fact, he was handpicked by the Henson family as Jim Henson's successor to the role. Jim Henson died in 1990.

Details were kind of vague about why Disney had made the decision to move in a different direction, but now those involved are speaking out. So what happened? 

It sounds like Disney officials (and the Henson family) thought Whitmire was being "'disrespectful’” and too outspoken on “character issues.” 

Whitmere says he was fired after he gave notes studio officials notes on the Muppets television reboot last year. In addition, there was also an issue relating to the union, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Jim Henson’s son, Brian, said the issues date back to the mid-1990’s. He alleges that Whitmere threatened the family to say “you better make me happy because the Muppets are Kermit,” according to the Hollywood Reporter

Whitmere says he always handled himself in a professional and respectful manner throughout his career. 

Matt Vogel, who is a veteran pupeteer, will take over the role of Kermit’s voice. 

We’re just over here wondering: what does a guy who has been the voice of Kermit his entire professional life go on to do now?