WATCH: Cher's Trippy New Song For Kid's Show Is Too Good To Miss

August 17, 2017

USA Today

It's a little weird, but yet, we totally love it. Yes, Cher released a "trippy" new song this week. Yes, "Ooga Boo" is a song that you'll just have to listen to right now so you can believe it. 


The new song was released for an animated kid's show that Cher is involved with on Netflix. The show is called Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh. It is a spin-off of the Dreamworks movie Home. Rihanna and J.Lo voiced characters in the 2015 movie. 

Cher lends her voice one of the characters on Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh. Her character, Chercophonie, is an alien rock diva from outer space. That is a total stretch for the legendary 71-year-old performer, right? 

We have to admit that despite it being intended for a kid's show, this song is super catchy. Plus, it has a super positive message.

Cher just wants you to be yourself, and find your "Ooga Boo." Who can't love that kind of message?