VIDEO: 9-Year Old With Down Syndrome Singing Whitney Houston Cover Has Melted Our Hearts

July 31, 2017

Weedezign | Dreamstime

Dane Miller may only be 9 years old, but he has totally stolen our hearts. In fact, you could totally say that he's become “internet famous” in a matter of just a few days.

Dane has Down Syndrome, but his family says that he is very passionate about music. Dane’s aunt, Jeanne Miller, posted a video on Facebook of the 9-year-old singing the 1993 Whitney Houston classic “I Have Nothing” while in the car with his family.

The video, which was posted last week, now has more than 18 million views. Dane’s mother told a local TV station that the boy became a huge fan of the song after watching a Whitney Houston documentary

Dane's family also says that they're happy that their son has brough as much joy to others as he brings to them every single day.

Well, with 18 million views in less than a week on his video, it's safe to say that Dane is spreading a lot of joy across the globe.

Way to go, Dane! We’re HUGE fans.