Three Things We Just Learned About Cher From Her PEOPLE Interview

She’s just like the rest of us!

October 3, 2017

Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup

Cher has been iconic performer for decades, so we feel like we know EVERYTHING about the pop super star. It turns out there are still things that we didn’t know about her.

Here are three things we just learned about the 71-year-old super star from the PEOPLE Magazine story:

1. She wears sweat and leggings at home. Gosh, it’s SO cool that she is just like the rest of us, right? “I’m kind of a bum,” she told PEOPLE.
2. She has KEPT all of her famous costumes. They’re in storage, and the performer said she doesn’t plan on re-wearing them, but they’re in a temperature-controlled storage unit.
3. Her only fashion rule is to “be who you are.” The singer, who is known for her unique style, recalled how people thought she was a freak when she and Sonny Bono started performing.

The 71-year-old “Believe” singer also detailed her workout routine with PEOPLE. Check out her workout routine and fashion tips here.
HINT: After reading about her routine, you’re NOT going to skip the gym tonight.