Elton John Announces Retirement by Launching an Epic Farewell Tour

January 24, 2018

© Aliaksandr Mazurkevich | Dreamstime.com

Elton John announced on Wednesday that he will be retiring from touring, but that won’t be until after one more epic world tour takes place.

Just how epic will it be? Well, Elton’s final tour will include 300-dates across the globe. The 70-year-old music icon made the announcement at a press conference, which was held in New York City on Wednesday.

The Farewell Yellowbrick Road Tour will kick off on September 8 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The tour, which will zig-zag across the globe, has 300 dates scheduled over the course of three years.

“It’s a way of going out with a bang. I don’t want to go out with a whimper,” Elton said during the press conference, which was hosted by Anderson Cooper.

Elton said he made the decision to retire from touring because he wants to focus on his children, husband, and family. He had his husband, David Frunish, 55, have two children. Zachary is 7 years old and Elijah is 5 years old.

The good news is that we can still expect to hear new music from the the "Goodbye Yellowbrick Road" singer. He says he will continue to make new music and work on creative projects after the tour concludes.

Elton John will perform alongisde Miley Cyrus during Sunday’s GRAMMY Awards. He will also be performing during a GRAMMY special, which will be recorded on January 30. The star-studded show, titled Elton John: I'm Still Standing - A Grammy Salute, will air later this year on CBS.

Ticketing information for the The Farewell Yellowbrick Road Tour can be found on Elton John's website