California Teenager Wins Major Lottery Prizes... Twice In A Week!

July 11, 2017


Meet Rosa Dominguez. She is a 19-year-old girl from California, and she just won the lottery twice…. in less than one week. 

The 19-year-old told lottery officials that her first win came when she was driving home from Arizona. She stopped a gas station, and purchased a lottery ticket. She won more than a half million dollars on that scratch off ticket. That was the top prize offered on that ticket 

A few days later, she bought another $5 scratch off ticket. Yes, she did it again. She won the top prize offered on that ticket, which meant she won another $100,000. 

The 19-year-old says that she plans on going shopping and buying herself a new car. 

That's not too bad for a gril who still technically a teenager!