It Costs Nearly $10,000 to Start a New Relationship?

By: Kelly Meyers

January 26, 2018

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and every year it seems that prices for gifts are on the rise.

Apparently, falling in love WILL cost a lot.

A Canadian company did some research on just how much it costs to fall in love and the number is pretty high! According to RateSupermarket.ca, one year of dating will set you back nearly $10,000. They broke down how they came to that major number too, and it sort of makes sense:

  • 12 fancy dates - $3,330.50
  • 24 casual dates -  $521.22 
  • 12 movie dates - $570.96
  • Two seperate weekend getaways - $1,251.50
  • A beach vacation - $3,523


The study even took into account additional expenses like flowers, which total to $140.

If you factor in the cost of an engagement and a wedding, falling in love comes out to be a $60,000 process. 

But didn't Jennifer Lopez say "Love Don't Cost a Thing?" 

Sorry, J.Lo!