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Experts: Couples are More Likely to Fight at Night

By: Kelly Meyers

December 5, 2017

If you find that you and your spouse or significant other tend to fight later at night, you aren't alone. Experts are saying that nights are the time of the yday when most couples get into arugments.

Here are some of the reasons couples tend to get into it at night, according to researchers:

1. Stress is Amped Up: I knew pressure had to be a leading cause of fights. And tis' the season for added stress because of the upcoming Holidays and all of the craziness.

2. You aren't logical: Ever hear the saying that clear heads prevail in the morning. I guess there's something to this too. Stress, tiredness, maybe hunger can all make our judgment clouded.

3. Blame it on the alcohol: People tend to be drunk or buzzed at night. Drinking can lessen our inhibitions, and things we'd typically never say could come out of our mouths.

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