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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ed Sheeran Tells Us Why He Doesn't Even Get His Own Bed on the Road & More

February 14, 2017

We caught up with Ed Sheeran… in bed. No, really, Sheerios, it happened. We soaked up the secrets to what happens in Ed’s bed and even got advice on how Sheeran keeps it sexy. We were, however, a little surprised to learn that despite being a world-renowned pop superstar that Ed Sheeran doesn’t even get his own bed when he’s on tour… unless he has company. Wait, what?

It also warmed our hearts to hear about Ed Sheeran’s childhood teddy bear. Awww.

Since we were already in bed with the British heartthrob, we figured it was a good time to find out more secrets about what happens in Ed Sheeran’s bed. You know, the deep stuff like what does Ed Sheeran eat in bed? Does he like to be the big spoon or the little spoon? Yes, Sheerios, we asked that VERY question, and the answer sort of surprised us. 

We’re all glad to see that despite being a GRAMMY award winning singing, Ed Sheeran is just like the rest of us. Sometimes you just want nuggets in bed, right? 

Ed’s also got some lyrical game that can make his fans swoon. So while we were with him, we figured we’d take a little advice from the master. What are the most successful lyrics that Sheeran uses to get someone to join him in bed? We found out.

Make note of the lyrics he suggests and give them a try this weekend. You’re taking love advice from Ed Sheeran. How cool is that?

Sheeran also tells us that music does come to him in bed pretty frequently, but he has had a hard time remembering it. So he tries to record it on an iPod that he puts by his bedside, but there’s one problem still. What is it? Apparently, because he’s half asleep, the lyrics still come out all mumbled.

Ed Sheeran’s new album, ÷, comes out on March 3. You can pre-order it now on iTunes. Go, ahead, pre-order it now so you can have Ed in your bed too.