Doctor Delivers Baby While She's In Labor Too

By: Kelly Meyers

July 31, 2017

This may be the most insane birth story ever. 

Yes, we've heard about babies being born on the side of the highway, on airplanes, and at home and delivered by a teenage sibling.

But this story still takes the cake:

Dr. Amanda Hess is an OB-GYN from Kentucky. She was in the hospital preparing to give birth to her baby when she heard a woman screaming down the hall, and it turned out to be a woman in labor. The on-call doctor had not arrived yet. So Hess put on a gown, and helped deliver the baby for the other woman, Leah Halliday Johnson.

Hess gave birth to her second child less than12 hours after Johnson’s baby was born. Both babies (and their parents) are doing well, according to reports.

Hess, by the way, plans on taking (a well-deserved) 8 months off of work for maternity leave.