My Serious, SERIOUS Case of SITW FOMO

I Wish I Had Gone

May 1, 2019

Well, I found out the hard way that FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very real thing.

I didn’t go to SITW and boy do I wish I had. It wasn’t about not WANTING to go, trust me, I wanted to. Things just didn’t work out for me. But seeing all the pictures and videos was so cool. It’s like I was there. I’ve lived here in Virginia Beach my entire life. I promise you, this was absolutely the biggest thing to ever come through our area. As each day passed, the FOMO got worse. I knew I was about to miss out on something incredible. Friday night may have been a wash out, but I love how that didn’t stop anyone from showing up the rest of the weekend. The weather was perfect on Saturday and Sunday, and I heard from MULTIPLE people that the event couldn’t have gone smoother. So many people wanted this to fail (I don’t know why…. haters, I suppose) but to know that it didn’t, and in fact, the OPPOSITE happened, has my heart so full. To see everyone having fun, staying out of trouble, coming together, and even going the extra mile to be a good citizen, was amazing. One thing I can ASSURE you --  I will NOT miss next year.

This event made me so proud to be a local. I love where I live. VB is home and always will be.




Check out this incredible recap video from iamOTHER and get your FOMO on with me. *tear*