All About My Weight Loss

My New Forever Figure

May 20, 2019


WOW. It’s hard to even look at that number and know that at one point in my life, I weighed that much. I had honestly given up. I got to the point where I was fine with being overweight and unhappy the rest of my life. Food would be my best friend and as long as I had that, I was fine. Well that’s no way to live. That’s no way for ANYONE to live. I finally woke up one morning and said “enough is enough.” I was ready to DRASTICALLY change my life.


I had my consultation with Dr. Chad and pretty much began the program IMMEDIATELY.

YOU GUYS, I started seeing instant results. At one point, the weight was just FALLING OFF. I was losing close to a pound a day and feeling INCREDIBLE. I started on October 4th, 2017 and by March of 2018 had already lost 100lbs! I KNOW! Crazy, right? I can’t make this up. Was it hard? Sure! Nothing worth having ever comes EASY. But it was the BEST decision I ever made for myself and I would do it all over again if it meant changing my life for the better.

I have more self-confidence that ever. I walk with my head held SO high. I smile more. Everything just kind of makes sense now. I went from a size 24 to a size 10, from 318lbs to 187lbs, for a current total of 131lbs! I just can’t say enough WONDERFUL things about Planet Wellness. They literally saved my life (and WITHOUT any surgery). They can help you, too! Give them a call today, just visit!