Despite Rumors, 'Passed Gas' Did Not Cause a Flight Evacuation This Weekend

By: Kelly Meyers

July 17, 2017

Another airplane travel horror story is making its way around the internet and has gone viral. This time, however, it's not about a passenger being kicked off the flight. No, this time it's all about a pretty stinky situation. 

American Airlines flight 1927 from Charlotte to Raleigh was evacuated this weekend after passengers reported extreme nausea. Media outlets across the globe reported that the flight had to be evacuated because passengers were sick after smelling one man's gas.

American Airlines says that is not true. They say that the aircraft was taken out of service for a "mechanical issue, an odor in the cabin." The airline went on to say that there was no "passed gas issue." 

Some media outlets had insane descriptions of the fact that it was actually a man's ailing digestive issues. A spokesperson for the airport originally reported that it was related to one passenger's digestive issues.  

However, we're to assume that is not true based on American's official statements.