From Cricketing to Serendipidating -- New 'Dating Slang' We Just Learned About

By: Kary Bowser

February 14, 2018

Ghosting. Stashing. Breadcrumbing. Every year we’re inundated with weird terms that describe how wonderful (or miserable) dating in the modern age can be. 

Well, we’ve got a bunch of NEW dating for you to start using in 2018.

Here are three new ones that we just learned about:

3. Cricketing
This is when you leave someone “on read” for too long. Just search “message left on read” on Twitter, and you'll feel like everyone is doing it!

2. Ghostbusting
It’s known as the counter to “ghosting.” When someone tries to disappear on you, you keep texting them regardless. The dating website Plenty Of Fish says that 78% of millennials have been ghosted by someone they’ve dated.

1. Serendipidating
If you always obsessed with the idea that something better comes along, serendipidating is your thing. It’s when you put off a date just in case you meet someone you like better. It sounds like a pretty good way to make sure you’re forever alone!

Meanwhile, Business Insider has a fantastic list that includes a few more dating terms. 

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